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Novel Shielding Problem

Radsafe subscribers:

I am looking into the problem of shielding an electron linac of about 100
Mev terminal energy, to be placed on board an ocean-going vessel. Lots of
shielding material options (although water is not much good for the x-ray
component) but concrete seems still the best choice. HOWEVER, the shielding
is sitting on a flexiblwe platform-the vessel- which "works" (flexes) in a
variety of ways, and to an extent which depends on the weather. We are
still trying to determine the extent and nature of th flexing, but are
thinking about some sort of shielding design that is itself somewhat

The region to be shielded will be about 100 ft (30 m) in length. The
nuclear submarine model does not really provide much guidance: the reactor
is much more compact, can be made essentially rigid (and is supported by a
very rigid structure, the sub hull); moreover, the x-rays from a reactor
are of low energy, and there are no 50 MeV neutrons, as from this accelerator.

Any suggestions?

H.B. Knowles

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