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Re: High natural background at Ramsar

>Andrew, Because my e-mail connection is intermittent at present, I could
>have missed a challenge to your quote of Kondo's value for certain
>'high-background areas in China'.  The value of 0.5 mSv/yr would seem to
>constitute a record low, even if only external radiation would be
>considered.  A typo, perhaps?  Typically,  2 - 3 mSv/yr from all sources
>(about half from radon) is an accepted average background value in many
>countries.  For an impact assessment, it would be necessary to correlate
>the number of people affected by a given doserate category.

My error.  Kondo (page 51) says "...the annual effective dose equivalents
of residents become 0.55 and 0.21 rem, respectively, in the high-background
and control areas."  I read rem and typed Sv.  No doubt under the influence
of recent RADSAFE threads.


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