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Re: Outdoor Rn measurements (background) -Reply

You wrote: 
>>> "Brian Rees" <brees@lanl.gov> 04/08/98 01:40pm >>> 
We see Rn levels go up in Dec/Jan each year, and have accepted this as fact, 
 but does anyone have available data that supports this?  I have found some  
daily, and hourly data, but was hoping to find the data already summarized. 
Thanks in advance 
Brian Rees 
This topic is discussed, briefly, in NCRP Report No. 50, Environmental 
Radiation Measurements", see page 19:  "...Significant diurnal and seasonal 
variations of Rn-222 concentrations are observed and can be mostly explained 
by changes in atmospheric stability conditions..."  Figure 2-1 shows
variations observed for Cincinnati, OH.  This data is different from what 
you've been seeing, showing the highest concentrations in the fall. 
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It's not about dose, it's about trust. 
Bill Lipton