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Re: Job Posting

DAVIDSON@gtsduratek.com wrote:
> Job Posting
> Business Proposal Coordinator
> Location:   Columbia, MD
> Group/Center: Technology Services&Operations
> Principal Duties:
>   Solicit, track, and respond to requests for proposals and other business opportunities, focusing on Department of Energy services.
> Provide technical input and manage creation of business proposals.
> Coordinate resources for the development and submittal of business proposals.
>   Interface with and provide direct support to leaders at DOE sites.
>   Requirements:
>   5 years' experience with technical writing
> Strong word processing skills including layout and graphics experience
> Good technical writing skills
> Strong experience with business proposal development
> Education: At least 2 years of college-level education required
> Interested candidates should fax resumes to Mike Davidson by April 15, 1998 at  (410) 290-9070 or by e-mail to davidson@gtsduratek.com
Dear Mr. Davidson:

Please consider me as a candidate for the Business Proposal Coordinator.
Attached is my resume, including an example of a pre-proposal for
commercializing a Capacitive Deionization system for volume reduction
processing of hazardous wastes (MS Word.rft) that I'm actively working
on with Joel Newton, Sr. and Don Neely at GTS Duratek etc.

Best regards,
John Deneen
(510) 229-1858