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Re: Rad Training Presentation Graphics?

There is a tremendous resource on radsafe.  There are a couple of ways to
access it.

1.  Go to the radsafe home page.
2.  Place your cursor over Educational Resources
3.  Select: Radiation, HP, and HPT training from the moving menu
4.  Select Radiation Safety
5.  Select 'downloadable files for training'

or go directly to the page:


Enjoy!  Tom O'Dou
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From: Sorensen, Scott <ssorensen@doeal.gov>
To: Multiple recipients of list <radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu>
Date: Friday, April 10, 1998 2:47 PM
Subject: Rad Training Presentation Graphics?

>I'm currently developing a Radiation Safety Refresher Course and am
>looking for some graphics to Jazz up the presentation.  Does any
>RadSafer know where I can access or is willing to share some "spiffy"
>rad graphics to include in a MS Powerpoint presentation?  The refresher
>topic is general rad safety concepts including ALARA and the importance
>of material controls...
>Thanks in Advanced!
>Scott Sorensen