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RE: Genetic effects in humans

Dear Bill,

As a former inhabitant of the place called USSR I suspect that the main   
point is: "international aid is needed".  It is not about the genetic   
effects, it's about MONEY.  You see, - the 'aid' comes in and no one   
usually sees it, except for the some local governmental officials who are   
able to re-locate semi-permanently to more pleasant places with a plenty   
of cash...
Of course, there are exceptions of honest aid providers etc., but I   
believe everybody heard about the percentage of money which actually goes   
to people, after aid agency has paid the salaries to staff and volunteers   
on both sides of the line...
By the way, to the best of my knowledge, the area has quite high natural   
background (I do believe there were and maybe still are a couple of   
uranium mines and plants in the area).

It is, from my point of view, very similar to the statements made by   
Ukrainian authorities some time ago, something like "international aid is   
needed, or we will continue to operate three remaining deadly Chernobyl   

Of course, it is only my personal speculations...

Kind regards

Nick Tsurikov
Eneabba - Western Australia

From:  Bill Stephany
Sent:  Saturday, 11 April 1998 13:46
To:  ntsuriko; Multiple recipients of list
Subject:  Genetic effects in humans


Sandy provided us with the following
Reuter's report:

Soviet-era nuclear tests in  Kazakhstan
will affect the health of the local
population for centuries and
international aid is needed to ease the
results of the deadly experiments,
Kazakh scientists said on Friday.
  ``It would take 300 to 350 years to
get rid of genetic
mutations caused by decades of nuclear
tests,'' Aitkhazha
Bigaliyev, director of the Kazakh
Institute of Ecological
Problems, told an international

I thought there was no evidence of
radiation induced genetic mutations in
humans.   I'd appreciate some learned
comment.  Thanks.

Bill Stephany
Assistant RSO
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA 30912-7520
(706) 721-9832