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Cal Rad Forum's Annual Spring Conference

April 11, 1998

From:	Alan Pasternak, Technical Director, California Radioactive Materials 
			Management Forum (Cal Rad Forum)

Cal Rad Forum's Annual Spring Conference will be held Thursday and Friday, May
21-22, 1998 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott, Manhattan Beach, California.

This year's conference will feature a discussion of political and other issues
related to the development of the Southwestern Compact's proposed low-level
radioactive waste disposal facility in the Mojave Desert in Ward Valley,
California; the linear no-threshold hypothesis and effects of low levels of
ionizing radiation; food irradiation, and other beneficial uses of radioactive
materials; and treatment of low-level waste and mixed low-level waste streams.

More information will be posted on Cal Rad Forum's web site at

For information about conference arrangements and registration, please contact
Betsy Hite, Cal Rad's Administrative Director: phone: (916) 687-8701, 
FAX 916-687-6778, and e-mail: <bhite@ns.net>.
For information about the conference program, please contact Dr. Alan
Pasternak: phone: (925) 283-5210, FAX: (925) 283-5219, E-mail: