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Re: uranium in hair

I believe the EPA monitors U in drinking water as part of the SDWA.  I 
recall compiling a lot of this data a while back, and noted a lot of 
variation in both U and Ra concentrations from less than MDA to 50 or 
100 pCi/l.  The local water supplier would likely have this information, 
though you may have to ask a bunch of them to find the person who files 
the results.

Rob Gunter

>They also stated that almost all the samples they test from Califonia 
>"elevated" levels.  The people we have heard from do not live near 
(within 50
>miles of) nuclear power plants, nor was there any other information 
>by these people that would cause one to expect elevated levels.  
My personal
>guess?  People in some regions of the country are exposed to higher 
levels of
>naturally occurring U than in other regions through food and water.
>The lab in Chicago had no information regarding what would cause higher 
>in some portions of the population than others, nor did they have any
>information regarding what level one might actually expect some 

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