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RE: Road kill sampling method:

The INEEL used that method up until the Environmental Sciences Branch of
the Radiological and Environmental Sciences Laboratory was spun off as a
private foundation.  I was the one who did it.  However, I chose to stay
rather than go, and lost track of it at that point (About three years
ago).  I don't know if it is still being done, but the "carrion luggage"
(sample kit) was transferred to them.

I do not recall if the question of it being a 'comprehensive' sample was
raised, but it was considered a sufficient sample.  In our case, it was
mostly pronghorns, a smaller fraction deer, and one elk in the time over
which I compiled the records (about ten or so years).

Liver, muscle, and thyroid were sampled for gamma spec. analysis, and
the age and physical condition of the animal were rated according to
standardized methods, for the ecological information.

No radionuclides were found which were due to Site activities, just the
ubiquitous Cs137 from past fallout. (And the 'usual suspects' of NORM.)
This is all available from the Site environmental reports.

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> Road kill sampling method:
> BNL uses a *road kill* sampling method for deer (A deer flesh sample
> is collected after it is run over by a car on site.)  However, not
> enough deer are hit by cars and therefor current data does not
> represent a comprehensive sample of the deer population.
> I was wondering if there were any other sites out there which use a
> similar sampling method?
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