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RE: Road kill sampling method:

I don't know about their site, but on the INEEL most of the roadkills
were provided within the non-public area by the commuter busses.  (Cause
of death: 'Chrome Poisoning' }:-) )

Interesting, the number of MINSY expatriates one sees on this forum from
time to time.

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>      Must be REAL tough to get samples in W.Va. now that taking road
> kill 
>      home is legal.......
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> Subject: Road kill sampling method: 
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> Road kill sampling method:
> BNL uses a *road kill* sampling method for deer (A deer flesh sample
> is
> collected after it is run over by a car on site.)  However, not enough
> deer are
> hit by cars and therefor current data does not represent a
> comprehensive sample
> of the deer population.
> I was wondering if there were any other sites out there which use a
> similar
> sampling method?
> Mark Winslow
> US EPA - Region II
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