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Re: Road kill sampling method: -Reply

     This is not exactly my area of expertise here on Site, but my wife did 
     work with the deer control people as a temp when she first moved into 
     the area.  Your assessment of the lack of sport would not be terribly 
     I believe, but am not sure, that last year was the first year we ever 
     found a deer high enough above background that it could not be 
     released to the folks who kilt it.  I suppose there might be an ORPS 
     report running around on this, but I'm not sure.
     On a different note, there is an alligator that periodically makes its 
     way into one of our retention basins.  Yesterday a subcontractor was 
     working on sediment removal when he showed back up.  Animal control 
     captured him and then had to "put him to sleep" as he was probing 
     about 200,000 dpm b/g.
     Just some of the joys of working in an outdoor nuclear facility.
     Jeff King
     DOE Facility Representative
     Savannah River Operations Office 

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Subject: Road kill sampling method: -Reply
Author:  MFORD@pantex.com at Mailhub
Date:    4/13/98 11:47 AM

The Savannah River Site holds (or used to hold) an annual deer 
hunt (more like a harvest) to cull the deer population to a
sustainable size.  There's not much sport to it... really just a blast 
fest, but the desired result is achieved.  A few feral hogs got in the 
way also.
The deer are field-dressed on site and monitored for Cs-137 content 
before being released.  I believe SRS's environmental sampling 
group may also participate in this activity.
Interestingly enough, it was found that Cs-137 concentrations were 
relatively constant throughout most of the deer populations in the 
Southeast and largely attributable to fallout.  Not SRS operations.
Perhaps an SRS RADSAFEr could provide a more recent picture. 
My opinions only.
Michael S. Ford, CHP
Texas Radiation Advisory Board
Radiation Safety Department
Battelle Pantex
Amarillo, TX
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