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Radiation risk to 20 week pregnancy (fwd)

Does anyone have any suitably phrased responses for this one for me?


Chris Davey    cdavey@med.phys.ualberta.ca

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Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 08:26:56 -0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)
From: Iain Birchall <iainb@cancerboard.AB.ca>
To: "chris davey (phy-cci)" <chrisdav@mailserv.CANCERBoard.ab.ca>
Cc: "alexandra schepansky (gyn-cci)" <alexsche@mailserv.CANCERBoard.ab.ca>
Subject: Radiation risk to 20 week pregnancy

Dear Chris: I was asked yesterday to consider the case of a 
young woman currently 20 weeks pregnant with a compelling 
need for a thorax CT. She is a patient of Alex Schepansky 
and it is unlikely that we could get the level of info 
required for management without such CT.

Nevertheless I would be grateful for information in the 
following respects in order that the patient can be fully 
informed of the risks involved

CT Scan whole thorax, 10 mm collimation, 30 cm range. The 
KV = approx 130, mA 150

20 week pregnancy presumed of normal size

what are the risks to patient & baby of such a scan

We recognize that it is likely the risks will be low but 
would appreciate some "quantification". 

We would like to proceed with CT approx 22 April so a rapid 
response would be appreciated.


Iain Birchall