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Marburger Statement on SHAD Demonstrations

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>The following statement by BNL Director John Marburger is being sent to all
>employees. Supervisors, please share this message with those in your area
>who do not have access to e-mail.
>Statement on SHAD demonstrations
>    Most BNL employees are aware that the organization called "Sound and
>Hudson Against Development" (SHAD) conducts a demonstration at the
>Laboratory main gate once per month.  Among the stated objectives of the
>organization is to rally public support to eliminate nuclear reactors
>from the site.
>    BSA's position regarding such demonstrations is that they are
>expressions of opinion by a segment of our community.  We respect the
>right of the community to express their opinions, and we understand that
>Brookhaven National Laboratory is a significant public facility at which
>such expressions can be expected.  By permitting demonstrations on our
>property we are in no way condoning the opinions of, or validating the
>statements made by the demonstrating groups.  BSA believes that it
>performs a public service by making it possible for members of the
>community to demonstrate peacefully at the entrance to the Laboratory on
>any topic whatsoever.  We require that such demonstrations
>do not create a hazard to the public, the environment, or our
>employees.  We also require that the demonstrations do not lead to costs
>for the Laboratory or to impairment of the physical or aesthetic
>    These policies are part of BSA's general philosophy of openness and
>partnership with the community, even regarding community positions with
>which we disagree.  I hope that through this philosophy both the
>Laboratory and community members can advance mutual understanding and
>respect and avoid an atmosphere of confrontation and suspicion.
>John Marburger, Director
>Brookhaven National Laboratory