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Re: uranium in hair

     Rather than trying to come up with the uranium content of hair, 
     wouldn't it be more to the point to note that uranium is not an 
     effluent from nuclear power plant operations? (...unless some VERY 
     serious degradation causes the fuel to be on the outside of the 
     Vincent King
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Subject: uranium in hair
Author:  "Charp; Paul" <pac4@cdc.gov> at Internet 
Date:    4/10/98 15:58
Radsafers -- does anyone have an accepted value for uranium in hair? 
How about uranium in hair colorants?
We received some information from a person who lives near a nuclear 
plant and believes he has been
exposed to uranium.  The individual had hair samples analyzed from a 
"laboratory" in Chicago that found "elevated uranium"
in the hair.
paul charp (pac4@cdc.gov)