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Re: uranium in hair

In a message dated 98-04-13 13:40:04 EDT, Vincent.King@DOEGJPO.COM writes:

<< Radsafers,
      Rather than trying to come up with the uranium content of hair, 
      wouldn't it be more to the point to note that uranium is not an 
      effluent from nuclear power plant operations? (...unless some VERY 
      serious degradation causes the fuel to be on the outside of the 
      core...)       >>

Actually, this won't completely address the problem.  Not all calls are from
people who live near or are concerned about exposure from a nuclear plant.  I
think that as Mr. Kathren suggests there needs to be controls on the labs
reporting these results, in terms of how they are acquiring and analyzing
their data.

Barbara L. Hamrick
Los Angeles County Radiation Management