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Re: High Dose Rate Neutron Irradiations

At 05:58 PM 4/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I am looking for a facility that can do very high neutron dose irradiations
>for SLAC. We prefer an average neutron energy of a few MeV (like
>unmoderated Cf-252), but higher would be acceptable.
>We would like to irradiate small optichromic dosimeters to doses starting
>at 10 krads and going up by factors of ten. 1 Mrad is our goal for the
>highest dose. A reactor spectrum would be OK if there is a way to reduce
>the photon field. We have data about how these dosimeters respond to
>photons; what we are testing is neutron response.
>The dosimeters are small. There are 5 different materials, 3 of them about
>1 cm square. The other 2 are rods about 3 mm in diameter and 2-3 cm long.
>If you have a source that can perform such irradiations in a reasonable
>period of time or know of a place where this could be done, please contact

Mr. Flood,

CERN has set up a neutron beam specifically for calibrating neutron
dosimeters for high altiude aircraft, with some fairly high energy beams.
Get in touch with Joe McDonald <joe.mcdonald@pnl.gov> for particulars.

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