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Re: PET Doses

Bob and other radsafers,

For F-18 FDG dosimetry, try the paper Stephen C. Jones, et al, "The
Radiation Dosimetry of 2-(F-18)Fluoro-2-Deoxy-D-Glucose in Man," Journal of
Nuclear Medicine, Vol. 23, No.7, pp. 613-617.

For a 5 mCi injection, generic organ doses are:
Kidneys             425 mrem
Lungs               390 mrem
Liver               375 mrem
Spleen              800 mrem
Red bone marrow     255 mrem
Ovaries             265 mrem
Testes              340 mrem
Bladder           2,200 mrem
Brain               400 mrem
Heart               800 mrem

For a 5 mCi injection, the generic CEDE is about 500 mrem.  The bladder dose
can be reduced by voiding before scanning.

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>Hello Everyone,
>    An investigator I work with had a question about doses to patients
>from PET studies using F-18 FDG. Can anyone point me in the right
>direction as to where i can find any info, or supply me with any data?
>thanks in advance for the help.
>Truly yours,
>Bob Dunn