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RE: The Friendly Atom

Perhaps we would be better off paralleling the approach Winston
Churchill took toward defending democratic forms of government: to
loosely paraphrase Sir Winston, "Democracy is absolutely the worst form
of government...............until one seriously considers the other

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> I was recently reading an article titled "Man's New Servant, the
> Friendly
> Atom" from a 1954 National Geographic (I wasn't alive then, my wife
> bought
> me the new 30 CD ROM set of the magazine from 1888 through 1997).  As
> you
> can guess, the article was pretty upbeat, mentioning things like
> screwfly
> sterilization, thickness gauges, atomic energy, medical research,
> medical
> procedures, and so forth.  
> What struck me most upon finishing the article is that, in over 40
> years,
> the arguments and examples we give the public have hardly changed
> while
> those of our opponents have.  Could this help to explain the feeling
> that
> we're on the losing end of the PR wars?  Can anyone suggest ways we
> might
> try to adapt our message in the same way the antis have?  Or should we
> be
> trying to come up with a new message?  At this point I have no
> answers,
> only an observation and a lot of questions.
> Sincerely,
> Andy
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