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Low level effects report


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Text below:

The availability of an interim report to promote consistency in
assessments of health risks from radiation and to ensure that those
     assessments are based on current scientific information is
scheduled for the April 13 Federal Register. 

     Health Risks from Low-Level Environmental Exposure to Radionuclides
(Federal Guidance Report No. 13, Part I) provides
     for the first time comprehensive tabulations of cancer risk
coefficients that use state-of-the-art models for estimating cancer
     from external and internal exposure, the notice said. 

     Both cancer mortality and incidence risk coefficients are tabulated
for inhalation, food and water ingestion, submersion in air, and
     exposure to uniform soil concentrations. The age-averaged
coefficients in the report consider age-specific intake rates, dose
     modeling, and risk modeling, the notice said. 

     The report has been issued in interim form to provide government
agencies and interested parties an opportunity to become familiar
     with its supporting methodology, and to solicit comments for
consideration before publishing the final version, the notice said. 

     The Radiation Advisory Committee of EPA's Science Advisory Board is
scheduled to review the report at a May 7-8 meeting. 

     Written comments in response to the notice are due June 30 and
should be submitted in duplicate to the Central Docket Section
     (6102), Environmental Protection Agency, ATTN: Air Docket No.
A-98-11, Washington, D.C., 20460. 

     Copies of the report are available by contacting EPA's National
Center for Environmental Publication and Information
     at 800-490-9198 or by visiting www.epa.gov/ncepihom, the center's
website. Technical information is available by
     contacting Mike Boyd at (202) 564-9395.