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Re: The Friendly Atom -Reply

Just a few cents of comment regarding the relative risks of nuclear

The risk stated is for a level of exposure far greater than that the general
public can expect to see.  I believe the limit to the public from the entire
fuel cycle is 25mR/year.  That changes the risk numbers substantially. 
When you compare that risk value to the risk value associated with living
down wind of a fossil fuel plant, even co-gen, the comparison changes
from parking in unlit lot where 1 in 10 cars is broken into to parking in a
well lit lot TO parking in a well lit garage with security guards and
cameras !

We should do more to put the relative risk into those types of
perspectives.   The changes that we are seeing in the perception of
nuclear power as a result of Kyoto and global warming indicates that the
American public is willing to make informed judgements when both sides
are portrayed by credible groups.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

My humble opinion

Ron LaVera