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Re: Atomic Train on NBC

Found this at NBC's website.


            On the heels of last year’s highly successful miniseries,
Asteroid, set yourself on a thrilling
            course for high-speed adventure and explosive disaster! This
four-hour, riveting miniseries
            will keep you on the edge of your seat with its jarring twists
and turns. 

            A disgruntled railroad employee has been sabotaging passenger
trains across the nation. A
            Boston train explodes. A New Orleans train is stopped seconds
before detonation. And now,
            an eastbound commuter train from Los Angeles to Denver has had
its brakes disengaged. A
            renegade investigator for the National Transportation Safety
Board discovers that along with
            hundreds of terrified passengers, the Denver-bound train is
illegally carrying explosive
            nuclear waste! 

            The race is on to stop the speeding nuclear disaster from
crashing into the city. The same
            city where the investigator’s family happens to live. Heroic
efforts by officials, and a little
            luck, lead to the detachment of the passenger car from the
nuclear car, but the "atomic
            train" is still on a high-speed collision course with Denver.
Now, the clock is ticking even
            faster, terror is widespread and millions must be evacuated to
survive a nuclear disaster. 

                 production company: Armand Speca in association with NBC

                 executive producers: Dennis Hammer Danielle Steel’s Full
Circle, Armand Speca
                 The Limbick Region, Jeff Fazio 

                 writers: Jeff Fazio, Brent Mote Night Visitors 

                 director: Bradford May Asteroid "

Joey Michael
University of Iowa 
Health Protection Office