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Re: Sr-90 Newspaper article

<< Comment from Jim, DOEWatch, http://members.aol.com/doewatch
  Our governments and national labs cover ups of the Sr-90 health damage
  problems  and other high LET internal radiations may soon be exposed.  It
  8 years to get the tissue specific thyroid I-131 study released to the
  The bone tissue specific Sr-90 study is a harrendous effect they are not
  anxious to make public.  It has truly affected the entire world. >>

I had some private communications with the Jim above in which he alleged that
the Knoxville area had increased levels of illness because of the proximity to
Oak Ridge.  But when I pressed him to provide evidence, he refused to do so.
He also believes that there is a government coverup of aliens having visited
the earth, so I am not surprised by his remarks.