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Re: Sr-90 Newspaper article


Can anyone determine what kind of chain of custody,sample preservation, or other
QA is being used with the collected deciduous teeth or with the analytical 
laboratory methods used?  What is their assay method?  Is it published?  

Clearly only my own opinion

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Subject: Sr-90 Newspaper article
Author:  yayaokok@deltanet.com at hubsmtp
Date:    4/15/98 7:07 AM

This article is presented to Radsafe for information.
 FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The Tooth Fairy Project may sound like child's play, 
 but it has a serious purpose: to find out how much radiation humans have been 
 exposed to before and after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
 A group called Standing for Truth About Radiation, headed by Miami Lakes 
 businessman David Friedson, is collecting baby teeth from several regions of 
 the United States and abroad to be tested for radioactive strontium-90.
 Strontium-90, a product of nuclear fission, is highly carcinogenic and when 
 absorbed by the body, concentrates in the teeth and bones where it stays for 
 many years.
 The teeth, which can be analyzed by a laboratory, will be used to determine 
 whether fallout from Chernobyl in 1986 or leaks from nuclear plants in this 
 country had an effect on health, said Dr. Jay M. Gould, a statistician and 
 director of the Radiation and Public Health Project, based in New York.
 Gould, who was in South Florida last month for a lecture on possible health 
 effects of living near a nuclear power plant, wants as many baby teeth as he 
 can get from South Florida, which has nuclear reactors.
 He was presented with a collection of 35 baby teeth Thursday night, cataloged 
 with information such as the mother's age at the child's time of birth, the 
 age of the child when the tooth came out, and the mother's location when she 
 was pregnant.
 STAR also has collected teeth from other countries and from states far from 
 any nuclear facilities.
 "We've done a lot of epidemiological work that shows (Chernobyl) had a 
 profound effect (in Florida and the U.S.) too, particularly in birth weights 
 under 5.5 pounds, and in immunity," he said.
 Wind patterns and rainfall likely deposited some of Chernobyl's fallout on 
 South Florida, as well as other parts of the country, he said.
 Tests already done on baby teeth in Germany showed a 10-fold increase in the 
 amount of strontium-90 in the teeth of children born after Chernobyl, compared 
 with children born a few years before the nuclear disaster, he said.
 Some of Gould's research, based on 40 years of statistics from the National 
 Cancer Institute, shows a correlation between living within 50 to 100 miles of 
 a nuclear reactor and death rates from cancer. Four reactors in South Florida, 
 in Dade and St. Lucie counties, were part of Gould's study of 60 reactor sites 
 in the United States.
 Gould detailed his findings in a book, "The Enemy Within - The High Cost of 
 Living Near Nuclear Reactors," published in 1996 by Four Walls Eight Windows 
 Using the data from the National Cancer Institute, Gould's analysis showed 
 that white women living within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant had a greater 
 risk of dying from breast cancer than women who did not live near a nuclear 
 According to Gould's analysis, the death rate from breast cancer in Miami-Dade 
 rose from 20.1 per 100,000 women in 1950-54 to 24 in 1980-84, and 23.3 in 
 1985-89. That compares with statewide figures: 18.3 in the '50s and 23.3 in 
 the late '80s statewide.
 In St. Lucie County, the change was more dramatic, rising from 6.5 in the '50s 
 to 23.5 in the late '80s.
 Gould said the numbers are not proof that nuclear power plants contribute to 
 cancer, but if the baby teeth contain strontium-90, that would show that 
 people are being exposed. He said his analysis has drawn both praise and 
 For more information, or to donate baby teeth, contact: Radiation and Public 
 Health Project, P.O. Box 60, Unionville NY, 10988, or call Jerry Brown, 
 national coordinator for STAR, at 305-532-5565.
Comment from Jim, DOEWatch, http://members.aol.com/doewatch
 Our governments and national labs cover ups of the Sr-90 health damage 
 problems  and other high LET internal radiations may soon be exposed.  It took 
 8 years to get the tissue specific thyroid I-131 study released to the public. 
 The bone tissue specific Sr-90 study is a harrendous effect they are not 
 anxious to make public.  It has truly affected the entire world.  The disease 
 effects are similar to what the RaLa or Ba-140 (Sr-90 like bone seeker) 
 radioisotopic warfare would have done to any enemy-----it essentially kills 
 the bodies immune defenses and activates viruses and bacteria in the body. 
 Sr-90 does the same thing and it is at levels all over the world where lite 
 effects like this are produced in the population as determined by toxic total 
 burden, DNA resistance, and lifestyles.
 This baby teeth project is to be applauded as helping to pinpoint this 
 government cover up issue and get help, regulations, properly report the 
 immune illness drivers, and maybe even prosecutions of some ruthless 
 scientists who saw and knew this was happening.   There are no statute of 
 limitations on genocide.
 Jim, DOEWatch, http://members.aol.com/doewatch