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Re: international rad shipment

Wendall, I forgot to mention. What I learned from my experience from my shipment
to frence was that vocabulary defined in the IATA was used differently than we
use. I think think it was "Limited quantity" which I meant a small quantity but
they took it as a large quantity. I faced a similar situation dealing with Sweden.
It might have been "Excepted package", I do not remember the exact word I had to
explain over and over to FedEx in France. I spent a lot of time talking to Dr.
Parker. The FedEx did not have any problem delivering to Paris (only to Paris) but
my researcher lived 500 miles away in an opposite corner in France. Anyway, I am
glad you found a solution for them. M. Jo
Myung Chul Jo, RSO
EH&S, Mail Stop 328
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, Nevada 89557
(702)784-4553 fax