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Re: FRG 13

     For the benefit of sometimes spaced-out people like me, could you 
     please repeat the URL for FRG 13?
     Thanks VERY much
     Ruth Weiner
     Sandia National Labs

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Subject: FRG 13
Author:  tmohaupt@wright.edu at hubsmtp
Date:    4/17/98 7:46 AM

Hello people in RadSafe Land
This is just a reminder to those of you who plan to send responses to 
the EPA and congress regarding the EPA draft report 13, part 1.
Time is running out.  You have less than 2 months to get those in. 
The Health Physics Society and HPS Chapters may want to respond
too since these organizations represent large constituencies and have 
proficient knowledge in the material covered in the report.  I 
imagine the AAPM and ANS would also want to voice their opinion.
Tom Mohaupt, MS, CHP
Wright State University
Radiation Safety Officer
Voice:  (937) 775-2169
Fax:  (937) 775-3301
E-mail:  tmohaupt@wright.edu
Address:  104 Health Sciences Bldg, Wright State University
          Dayton, OH 45435