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Re: Exposure from CRTs

This report was succinct and beautifully done - their conclusions seem
worth being easily available to all. Richard Smart furnished website for
complete report as:
Regards, Maury Siskel         maury@webtexas.com

 Radiation Emissions from Video Display Terminals


    * Introduction
         o Radiation and the VDT
    * Alleged Health Effects
         o Eye problems
         o Skin disorders
         o Adverse pregnancy outcomes
    * Summary of ARL Measurements
    * Conclusion

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 The electromagnetic radiation emissions from VDTs that were measured by
ARL are alleged to be responsible for adverse health effects among VDT
operators. These allegations are not supported by either animal studies
or reliable epidemiological studies. Furthermore, the emission levels
from VDTs used in Australia are less (and, in most cases, very much
less) than the relevant recommended exposure limit. It is therefore
concluded that these emissions are not a hazard to the health of VDT
operators or to the foetuses of pregnant operators.

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