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Non-ionizing radiation

Hello Radsafe...

A recent discussion with an elementary school teacher has prompted me to do some
informal research on the old subject of potential health effects of living near
power lines.  I realize this has come up before on Radsafe, but I never paid
attention like I should have.

So I found the NAS press release and executive summary, which conclude that
there is no threat the human health from exposure to EM fields:

But some more research finds that not everyone is so convinced.  In fact, some
believe that just the opposite is true -- the link between EM fields and health
effects is unmistakable:

I'm no epidemiologist, so I wouldn't consider myself qualified to make a
judgment either way.  What is the consensus here on Radsafe?  I never thought
there was any valid reason to believe that these claims were true, but is there?

On a related subject, the non-ionizing radiation information links on the
Radiation and Health Physics Homepage are dead.  Can anyone recommend some good
informational sites, especially for use by someone who is unfamiliar with issues
relating to radiation (like a school teacher)?

Thanks for your interest,

Karl Fischer
Physical Science Technician, NIH