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Re: Non-ionizing radiation

My office mate at Northwestern did her thesis on this and gave the
department several presentations on it. The "landmark" paper on this was
done by two folks in Colorado, Werthiemer and Leeper (probably spelled
wrong). The paper was done in the late 70's. The US Navy did a lot of
research in the early 70's but found nothing. My office mate's conclusion
was that there were no epidemiological studies which conclusively supported
any health effects from EMF (she thought there was an effect when she
started , by the way). She did find that very powerful EMF can have a small
effect on the calcium transfer rates across certain cell membranes in single
cell animals, and other stuff of very low consequence. This was in about
1994 or so.

My personal opinion is that if there is an effect, it is so small that there
are other things more important to worry about. Give me a call if you want
more info. There are some good studies in Radiation Research and in the IRPA
9 proceedings.
Tom Johnson