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(SS)Re: Innovative Technological Applications to Tritium Monitoring and D&D Work

Would anyone like to share with me your knowledge on innovative
technologies (1) that have completed all stages of development and  are
awaiting use in commercial applications and/or (2) existing technologies
(used in other industries) that may be useful in nuclear D & D and shown to
be viable in operations that are applicable to the following:

(a) Tritium monitoring  and/or characterization techniques,
(b) D&D of tritium contaminated gloveboxes, and specialties (such as
Uranium        (U)- beds, mole sieves and carbon traps),
(c) Tritium contaminated piping systems removal and disposition,
(d) Tritium contaminated waste disposal,
(e) Tritiated water treatment , and
(f) Disposition of rad/non-rad traditional building materials.

Any help in any or all of these areas will be greatly appreciated.  Thank

Sada Savim (Donna Campbell)