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Health Physicist Position

Georgetown University is seeking candidates for a Health Physicist II position.

The position requires a minimum of a B.S. degree in Health Physics, the 
Physical or Biological sciences; a minimum of 2 years experience working in 
the field of Health Physics;  good interpersonal and writing skills.  The 
minimum salary for the position is $30,000.

The individual selected will be required to understand and perform all tasks 
related to the Radiation Safety program:
        Order and receive radioactive materials;
        Collect and prepare radioactive waste for shipment or
          to "hold for decay"
        Meter and wipe survey over 230 laboratories;
        Audit records of over 150 Authorized Users;
        Issue dosimetry and maintain related records for 1100 individuals;
        Assist with training radiation workers and ancillary staff
         - facilities, security, housekeeping, nursing, etc.
        Sealed Source inventories;
        Assist in overseeing Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Medicine activities 
          to ensure regulatory compliance;
        Review protocols submitted to the Radiation Safety Committee for
          and safety prior to submitting them to the committee;
        Write procedures and create forms to assist RSO staff and researchers 
          meet regulatory compliance;
        Maintain computer databases of RSO activities;
        Supervise and / or perform decontamination efforts when necessary;
          - including toilets and sinks in patient rooms 

Please send resumes and inquires to the address listed below.

        Attachments must be in Wordperfect or ASCII

Sim Shanks, RSO		        		shankss@odrge.odr.georgetown.edu
Georgetown University					(202) 687-4712
Office of Environmental Health and Safety	fax 	(202) 687-5046
3900 Reservoir Road,  N.W.
Washington DC  20007