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Re: FW: Plutonium movement characteristics

You could start with Appendices SOTERM and WCA to the WIPP Compliance 
Certification Application -- both have good descriptions and excellent 
bibliographies.  An excellent reference is the chapter on plutonium in Katz, 
Seaborg and Morss "Chemistry of the Actinides."  

I'm not sure what you mean by "flighty."  Mobile?  Some of us Sandians who 
worked on the WIPP prject could probably be of considerable help.

Clearly only my own opinion

Ruth F. Weiner
Transportation Systems Department
Sandia National Laboratories
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Subject: FW: Plutonium movement characteristics
Author:  ChrisM@wipp.carlsbad.nm.us at hubsmtp
Date:    4/21/98 9:41 AM

>     In the process of opening the WIPP site, I am trying to gather solid 
>information on the mechanism(s) that make Pu so"flighty".  I have heard 
>several different theories, but have been unable to locate any papers or 
>articles that can be referenced.  If anyone knows where I might be able to 
>find solid information, I would appreciate it if you would respond directly 
>to me unless you think this would be of interest to other RADSAFERs.
>Thank you
>Chris A. Marthaller
>Sr. Training Coordinator - WIPP
>Obviously, only my own views