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Re: FW: Plutonium movement characteristics

You may wish to contact Prof. Sue Clark at Washington State University who
has been researching this very question.  Her e-mail address is:

Also, I have an old (ca 15) MS thesis a student of mine did, basically
reviewing the literature.  Would be glad to look up something specific if
you have it.

Ron Kathren

At 10:45 AM 4/21/98 -0500, Marthaller, Chris wrote:
>	In the process of opening the WIPP site, I am trying to gather solid
>information on the mechanism(s) that make Pu so"flighty".  I have heard
>several different theories, but have been unable to locate any papers or
>articles that can be referenced.  If anyone knows where I might be able to
>find solid information, I would appreciate it if you would respond directly
>to me unless you think this would be of interest to other RADSAFERs.
>Thank you 
>Chris A. Marthaller
>Sr. Training Coordinator - WIPP 
>Obviously, only my own views