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Re: Oxford S5 Low Background alpha/beta Counter

George Xu wrote:

> Good Morning, Radsafers,
> I would like to hear your experience in purchasing and using Oxford's
> Tennelec S5 Low Background alpha/beta Counters (XLB model priced at $39K or
> HP model priced at $32K). My e-mail address is shown below. Thanks in
> advance!!

Colorado State University employes the use of the Tennelec LB5100
Alpha-Beta-Gamma Counter. It has a gas flow proportional counter as well as a
NaI.  We find it very useful for our wipe tests and laboratory evaluations on
campus.  Of course, the low energy betas and gammas have reduced efficiency,
but as a whole, we rely on it a great deal.  MDA's and Action levels can also
be set within the system.  Efficiencies for a variety of radionuclides can be
determined and stored in memory as well. If you have the money, I would
recommend it.

James P. Abraham , M.S.
Alt. Radiation Safety Officer
Colorado State University - Radiation Control Office
133 General Services Building - Environmental Health Services

Phone: (970) 491-4835    Fax: (970) 491-4804    email: