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Re: Non-ionizing radiation/EMF (Colorado children - leukemia)

There is a study from 1989 (Savitz' group) linking the same
leukemias with traffic (cars) density. An interesting study
is the hot dog consumption among Californian children and their
leukemia risks (Peters et al., Processed meats..., Cancer Causes
and Control, Vol. 5, 1994:195-202), P<0.001 for the trend (with
increasing number of hot dogs per unit time. 12 such meals/month
or more was correlated with a nearly sixfold increase in leukemia
risk. The original Leeper-Wertheimer study was of the hypothesis
generating type BTW (first observe - and then correlate: This way
you can be sure to obtain good statistics).

I am leaving Stockholm tomorrow morning for the RRS conference
in Louisville, Ky (to show work with DNA double-strand breaks).
Therefore, I will not be able to follow this discussion for
some time.

Part of the problem seems to be to have newspaper people
understand what a correlation is vs. a cause-effect situation.

All ideas expressed here by me will be my own.

Best regards,

Bjorn Cedervall, PhD
Depts. Medical Radiobiology and Medical Radiation Physics,
Karolinska Institutet,
Box 260,
S-171 76 Stockholm, Sweden

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