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A used gamma counter available ?

	Dear radsafers,

	Can anyone help this person ?     The Compugamma counters are
not manufactured any more.  Please answer directly to Dr.  Bergmann. 

	Sincerely yours,

	Lauri Kaihola

	Product Manager, Ph.D.		  E-mail:
	Wallac Oy                       Home page: http://www.wallac.fi
	PO Box 10                       Tel: (+358) 2 2678 111
		FIN-20101 Turku			  Fax: (+358) 2 2678 332


	From:	Steven R. Bergmann, M.D., Ph.D.
	Sent:	Friday, April 24, 1998 4:59 AM
	To:	helpdesk@wallac.fi
	Subject:	Compugamma

	I would like to know if ther is any possibility to obtain an LKB
Wallac Compugamma Well counter? 


		SR Bergmann, MD, PhD
		Director, Nuclear Cardiology
		Columbia University