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ARPS Web Site

The Australasian Radiation Protection Society is pleased to announce its
web site at:


The web site provides information on:
the Society, the Executive Committee and membership
the ARPS Journal - "Radiation Protection in Australasia", 
the annual conferences which in 1998 is to be held in Ballarat, Victoria; 
the State Branches of ARPS
and provides links to Australian and New Zealand Radiation Protection
Regulations, Codes of Practice,
Standards etc

The Journal pages provide the abstracts of all articles.  This area is
under construction and is currently limited to the years 1995 and 1996.  A
searchable index on author and keyword will eventually be available.

Any comments on the site would be most welcome.

Richard Smart
ARPS President
Richard Smart PhD
Department of Nuclear Medicine
St. George Hospital
Kogarah, NSW 2217
Tel:61 2 9350 3112
Fax:61 2 9350 3991