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Re: Consumer Reports article "Chicken: What You Don't Know..."

I read the same article and ended up with the opinion that what CR is
addressing, .. "side effects"...,

   * is that the consumer will assume that since the chicken has been
     irradiated/sterilized, carcass preparation (washing) is no longer
   * is that the outgoing inspector knowing that the irradiator will
     resolve all shody production practices will not be as vigilant.
   * is that the processor will assume that as the irradiator kills all
     the bacteria, hygenic standards need not be so excessive.
   * is that the incoming inspector knowing that the irradiator will
     kill all bacteria will not need to examine the health of the flock
     quite so carefully.
   * is that the grower knowing that as long as the bacteria do not kill
     the flock, that flock can be delivered to the processor in less
     than optimum health.
   * ...