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Consumer Reports article "Chicken: What You Don't Know..."

The March Consumer Reports has a generally well written article about
chicken contamination by bacteria.  The title of the article is Chicken
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

However, on page 18 they make the statement "While it may be useful,
irradiation isn't a panacea.  It could lead to unwanted publice-health and
environmental side effects, and it's not clear that it's economically
competitive with other alternates."

I think other Health Physics professionals should join me in writing CR and
expressing our displeasure that a generally reputable magazine has made a
statement that is without scientific merit.

CR's address is:

Consumer reports
P.O. Box 53209
Boulder, Co
attn: Science Editor Mr. David Ansley

The website address is www.ConsumerReports.org