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(Fwd) CHPs- Free CEUs


I have been asked to forward the following message.

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     Looking for new and free ways to obtain your 64 recertification
     CEUs.  There will be a Part 1 question writing workshop in
     Richland WA on Saturday May 2, from 10:00-5:00.  This session is
     worth 4 CEUs plus 1 CEU for each question you write, which is
     accepted to the exam bank (up to a maximum of 16 CEU per
     certification schedule).   This session is open to CHPs and
     individuals who are associate members of the AAHP. 
      For additional information please contact me privately.

     If you are unable to visit our fair city, you can still
     contribute questions and receive CEUs.  Please submit them to Les
     Aldrich, Chair of the Part 1 Exam Panel or myself.

     Ellen Hochheiser
     P.O. 1000, G1-17
     Richland WA   99352
     (509) 376-2190