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Re[2]: World must pay for Chernobyl

>>"I think the rest of the world ought to demand payment from THEM for 
>>contaminating our property."
     I tend to agree and bristle somewhat at such political posturing from 
     bureaucrats who seem to spend more time whining and sniveling than 
     taking responsibility for and control of their country's future.
     I believe that most developed countries are generally OK with the 
     "property contamination" thing, but I find the plight of the 
     indigenous peoples of Scandanavia somewhat unsettling. Because of the 
     contamination and condemnation of large portions of the caribou herds, 
     many of them have been forced to change their entire lifestyles and 
     heritage of subsistence living to that of reliance on their 
     governments for food. The government-provided food has drastically 
     changed their diets and consequently introduced all kinds of new 
     health problems and concerns into their societies.
     This is certainly a significant downside to the nuclear industry that 
     I never anticipated.
     DJ Richards
     Excalibur Associates, Inc.