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Re: World must pay for Chernobyl

This whole incident and request is quite disturbing. There are three 
important factors to consider:

1. On the one hand, we see the arrogance of the demand itself, and, 
the plea for additional funds to build newer technology. Granted, the 
incident would never have occurred, if it weren't for the deliberate 
mishandling of the incident. However, one must only look at TMI and 
notice the same deliberate actions that led to an incident, that 
luckily did not evolve to the same levels that Chernobyl did. It 
wasn't arrogance in the case of TMI, just poor training, management, 
etc. The degree of sophistication in the entire third world, when it 
comes to nuclear power, is, to say the least, poor and substandard. 
There are other accidents waiting to happen. So in the first factor, 
there is arrogance and a demand for the world to help fix a problem 
that it had no accountability for.

2. The second factor is the most critical issue to contend with. As 
already pointed out, there probably isn't the technology or know how 
to not only repair what is already damaged, but none exists to 
successfully rebuild new generating capacity. If we sit back, they 
will leave what they have, and the Chernobyl will crumble and once 
again, contaminate the areas around it, and, other far reaching land 
masses. It will be a repeat of the past, but on a smaller scale. They 
will rebuild, and, construct new plants. The technology will once 
again be poor, and, we will have to live with the knowledge that 
other accidents will occur, at a higher probability. What risks are 
we willing to accept? Does the advanced technological countrys want 
to be part of the solution, or, to suffer from the solution that is 
chosen, without our assistance?

3. The third area of concern is the economic positioning of the 
region. Without assistance, other countries who have ulterior 
motives will jump into assist. The result, a rebuilding of the cold 
war. The "natives are restless" is a fact. At some point the 
government in the Ukraine will have to put up, or the people will put 
down. As I see it, the issue isn't one of technology and $$ only. 
It's establishing a sound economic base that will facilitate a 
democratic government. The only question remains, does the world want 
to be part of the solution, or a cause of the consequences.

I don't know the answer. I am not happy about my tax dollars going to 
a corrupt government. As someone else already stated, perhaps those 
who fund should take responsibility for the repairs and rebuilding. 
The dollars spent should be used and go to companys that are doing 
the work. In that scenario, the $$ go back to the originating source, 
to some degree. We should NEVER hand over $$ to the government. That 
is worse than trying to win the Super Lotto. There is no winner, 
accept the corrupt politicians who pocket the loot.

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