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Re: World must pay for Chernobyl

At 05:07 PM 4/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>> "It is a tragedy on a planetary scale and the whole world must pay for
>>> the damage," President Kuchma, cited by Interfax Ukraine news agency,
>>> told reporters in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.
>Am I the only one that's more than a little fed up with this?  I translate
>it like this: "Because we here in the good old former USSR neither designed
>nor operated this facility with (expensive) proper safety features and
>procedures, we now demand that everybody else pay for our arrogance and

No you're not.  I especially like the fact that we need to pay for the
clean-up of that bad nuclear reactor but then we also need to give them
enough money to build two new ones cause they're really cold over there!


>>>But Ukraine argues it needs $750 million to do the job and a further
>>>$1.6 billion to finish two new nuclear reactors in the west of the
>>>country, which the government says are needed to replace Chernobyl's
>>>generating capacity. 

With great power...

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