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April 28, 1998
Davis, CA

Dear RadSafers:

The 1996 International Radiation Protection Association IRPA-9 refresher
courses have been organized into a textbook that is available on the World
Wide Web at the following URL


At the home page go to "link to the IRPA Executive Office" and then to
"1996 IRPA-9 Refresher Course Textbook".

or go directly to it at:


Viewing and downloading of the lectures can only be done one-by-one. You
must start each time from the table of contents in HTML format. The
lectures are in Adobe PDF format. Acrobat reader 2.0 is needed, but it is
free at http://www.adobe.com.

		Prof. Otto G. Raabe, Ph.D., CHP
                [President, Health Physics Society, 1997-1998]
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