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RE: IRPA-9 refresher info?

I did connect at:http://www.tue.nl/sbd/irpa/irpa9toc.htm   

the files are in adobe pdf file format and are on average 1.3 MB.

BTW your URL reads instead of nl (for the Netherlands) n1.

Miroslav Lieskovský
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>Subject:	IRPA-9 refresher info?
>I saw the following announcement in Health Physics but I am unable 
>to locate the information on the IRPA web site and the other link 
>doesn't appear to work.  Can someone provide some guidance?
>Mike Baker ... mcbaker@lanl.gov
>...The 1996-IRPA-9 refresher courses textbook is now available on 
>world wide web. The text and overhead sheets of all 16 lectures are
>published in electronic PDF-format. The files are accessible for 
>viewing and downloading at the IRPA Internet homepage addresses: