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Cooling Oil

My name is Jay Stencel and I am a graduate student at 
Vanderbilt University in Environmental Engineering.  I have 
recently began a research project on decontaminating 
concrete at old DOE facilities.  My scope is to try to 
evaluate the organic contamination.  In experiments, I am 
trying to find the depth of penetration in concrete of 
these organics. One of the chemicals of concern is PCB's 
which was in the cooling oils used at these facilities.  
Since I am not going to use PCB's, I would like to examine 
the depth of penetration of the same weight of oil without 
the PCB's. I trying to find out the approximate type or 
weight of oils that may have been used in DOE facilities.  
Could you please forward this on to someone who may have 
this knowledge first hand.  
Thank you for your time.
Jay Stencel

Stencel, Jay Thomas
Vanderbilt University
Email: jay.t.stencel@Vanderbilt.Edu