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Re: Chernobyl and Similar Hazards

This has probably been hashed out before but I've missed it.    

If the sarcophagus at the Chernobyl reactor collapses, and I admit this will be catastrophic for anyone at the facility when it happens,  what is the driving force postulated that will cause international contamination?   When an old building is imploded with demolition charges a large amount of dust is created.  This apparently dissipates through various deposition pathways.  Even given that some of the particulates will have a substantial electrostatic charge that may prevent rapid fallout, there is no thermal plume that will loft and carry the contamination.

Would a fog spray set-up around and on the structure set to release like a fire sprinkler system serve to suppress the dust cloud expected from the collapse?  And even without it, what is the calculated resuspension and plume length for a cold puff release?  Has anyone calculated it?

Zack Clayton
Ohio EPA