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Re: Cr-51 counting

Knapp, Timothy M. wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Looking for opinions on the "best" way to detect Cr-51 on smears and as a
> liquid sample, both with handheld instruments and bench top instruments (LSC
> and Gamma counter)? I'm looking, specifically, for any thoughts on self
> attenuation within these types of samples and how that may affect counting.
> Any input would be appreciated.
> Standard disclaimers as usual
> Thanks
> Tim Knapp
Tim, I would recommend to use gamma-spectrometry. For smears and
reasonable water samples (up to one l) you will not have any significant
attenuation. E=320 kev of Cr-51 is high enough energy. If you have
bigger samples 10-100 l, you may do pre concentration and count after
that. When you use LSC, you will have limited possibilities for pre
concentration chemistry. Regards, Evgeny.