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Fw: Risk of accidental nuclear attack said rising

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Datum: Donnerstag, 30. April 1998 23:14
Betreff: Re: Risk of accidental nuclear attack said rising

>Habichergasse 31/7
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>Tel./Fax: +43-1-4955308
>Mobiltel.: +43-664-3380333
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>Betreff: Risk of accidental nuclear attack said rising
>I have a big problem to understand this message. I simply cannot believe
>that the commander of a submarine would have the possibility to make a
>nuclear weapon ready for explosion and to launch it. As far as I know (or
>rather as far as I have read information) there are numerous barriers to
>overcome to activate a nuclear weapon, including secret codes which have to
>be given by the competent authorities. It seems to me more than ridiculous
>to believe that launching a nuclear weapon (or in this case dozens) to kill
>million of people is a procedure like pulling the trigger on a rifle! Have
>you seen this very old and very good film with Peter Sellers - the title
>approximately "Mr. Strangelove or How I learned to love the bomb".
>Even in this film the launching of nuclear weapons had to undergo military
>rules including transmission of  codes.
>I would support any effort to get rid of the nuclear weapons still existing
>in to high a number on this world. But the method to distribute horror
>stories is not justified and a shame.