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stranger than fiction

Dear Radsafers:

Thought this might be of  interest.  A co-worker of mine found this site


Moses' Radioactive Death Machine:
                        Graham Hancock's Arguments from Silence
                                         by Mike Heiser

While scholars debate whether biblical archeology is currently
experiencing its death pangs,
popular interest in archeological research pertinent to matters of faith
appears anything but
dead. One example of the public's fascination with the field is the
success of British journalist Graham Hancock's book The Sign and the
Seal: The Quest for the Lost Ark
of the Covenant (Crown, 1992). Hancock's book achieved bestseller
status, and his views
on the ark of the covenant have been featured on several television
specials, most notably
National Geographic's Explorer series. Hancock has also written or
co-authored two other
volumes dealing with ancient studies that have also sold in large
numbers. Among his highly
controversial conclusions in The Sign and the Seal are his assertions
that Moses was an Egyptian sorcerer skilled in the harnessing of
radioactive material, that the ark of the covenant was actually a
radioactive weapon, and that its use in Israelite religion derived from
an Egyptian festival...p. 54.

D. Steva