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Rad Postings - A Lighter Side

What with the discussions of appropriate and inappropriate postings over the
last couple of days, I just wanted to pass on a local example for reactions.  A
local eating and drinking establishment (i.e., "pub") has as it's theme and
décor motif, radiation and atomic power.  It features its own microbrews (such
as plutonium porter) and great pizzas.  If you order a pizza to go, you get it
in a box taped shut with typical magenta and yellow trefoil tape.  There are
assorted radiation postings on the walls and in the kitchen, using the standard
commercially available signs.  It's a fine establishment frequented by many many
local Hanford site employees including health physicists, nuclear engineers,
etc.  The historical info on the walls and tables is also lots of fun (and
true).  Now wouldn't it be fun for some regulator to cite a licensed eating and
drinking establishment for misleading  postings!  By the way, the food and brew
are excellent.

Gene Carbaugh